FCC Docs

All Galaxy brand electronic ballasts legitimately pass FCC Article 18 Part B standards.

This standard allows for much less radio frequency & electromagnetic interference than Part A. (277 volt Galaxy ballasts are tested to Part A commercial standard). Part B level certification confirms FCC compliance not only for commercial applications, but for residential as well.

The way in which the test is conducted is critical. Galaxy ballasts are tested for FCC compliance under realistic & actual operating conditions.

  1. The ballast must be tested in an "as used" application (i.e. plugged in and turned on).
  2. Ballast using the standard 15 ft lamp cord - not one shortened for testing purposes.
  3. With a lamp inserted into the socket and the Galaxy is powered on - versus a test with no lamp in the fixture.
  4. With a full sized air-cooled reflector such as a Magnum XXXL or Blockbuster - versus a test without a reflector.
  5. With our standard OEM provided 15 ft lamp cord - not a special shielded one used for testing purposes only.
  6. Without an added aftermarket shielding apparatus such as a ballast EMI filter.
  7. Tested by an accredited, independent USA testing lab registered with the FCC - in our case Northwest EMC in Hillsboro, OR (not a manufacturer's provided fraudulent Chinese test report).
  8. FCC will no longer recognize EMC testing performed by Chinese labs.

Protect yourself by using a Galaxy brand electronic ballast.

FCC compliant, ETL listed and years of proven reliability and performance. Not all digital ballasts are created equal.

Part # Product Name Download Link
902215 Galaxy Grow Amp 600 Watt - 120/240 Volt FCC Report
902220 Galaxy Grow Amp 1000 Watt - 120/240 Volt FCC Report
902225 Galaxy Grow Amp 1000 Watt - 240 Volt Only FCC Report
902227 Galaxy Grow Amp 1000 Watt - 277 Volt Only FCC Report
902232 Galaxy Digital Logic 1000 Watt - 120/240 Volt FCC Report
902235 Galaxy Grow Amp 750 Watt - 120/240 Volt FCC Report
902518 Galaxy Legacy 1000 Watt - 120/240 Volt FCC Report
902682 Galaxy DE - 120/240 Volt FCC Report

Documents also available on the FCC website:
  1. Go to https://apps.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/GenericSearch.cfm.
  2. Enter 'sunlight supply' into the 'Applicant Name' field.
  3. Click the 'Start Search' button.
  4. Please note only residential compliant products (Part B) are listed on the FCC website, but not commercial (Part A).